Privacy Policy

Inflr International Corporation Ltd., owner of the platform and all rights allocated to the Inflr site, Registration number 337315, with headquarters at The Grand Pavilion Commercial Centre, 802 · Grand Cayman, KY1-1006 · Cayman Islands, has developed Inflr with the sole purpose to connects advertisers to influencers within a marketplace using blockchain technology. With Inflr, advertisers can promote their products and services using the influence of social network users.


    A user who accepts the site’s terms and conditions acknowledges that Inflr is authorized to collect personal data and information, with the aim of complying with KYC and AML policies that govern the project, providing the user with security in operations carried out within the platform.

    Inflr declares the user’s privacy for all purposes, and guarantees that it will adopt all measures necessary to preserve it, and uses this PRIVACY POLICY to clarify to users how information will be collected, used, shared and stored using the systems developed by it, therefore this document must be read and interpreted along with the TERMS OF USE also developed by our team, as a way of providing the user with the best possible experience.

    By submitting a registration to our platform, the user declares that he or she accepts our Privacy Policy and is fully aware of the use of information and details collected through the user’s registration.

    Likewise, in the event of queries regarding these terms, the following channels are available to users:


    1. During registration, the user must supply personal details as well as a copy of the documents referred to below, namely: full name, date of birth, gender, phone number, nacionality, full adress and proof of addres, email address, personal ID and document number, and any others that should be necessary to meet the desired levels of security on the platform.
    2. Once the registration is complete, it will be submitted to the Inflr team, who will assess the user’s profile and may approve it or not, in line with internal policies. Inflr expressly states that it reserves the right to decline a user registration based on the information collected.
      1. Information may be checked by third parties contracted by Inflr exclusively for such a purpose, therefore your personal details will be shared and subjected to careful analysis, and data from Federal and State Justice systems may be consulted, as well as credit protection bodies, without prejudice to other additional data arising from national and international records.
    3. All details provided to Inflr are collected automatically without exception, including details such as IP address, operating system, language and application access records, as well as locations, dates and other recordable details. Such details must be collected in accordance with Law 12.965/2014 and shall only be supplied to third parties with the user’s express permission or by force of a judicial decision.

    1. The data collected shall be removed from the servers and databases when the user so requests, or when those data are no longer relevant for using the services provided by Inflr. In turn, Inflr reserves the right to keep those data should there be legal obligations to comply with, in order to preserve inherent user rights.
    2. Inflr holds the prerogative to fully monitor the platform it has developed, including (but not limited to): (i) a user’s frequency of use; (ii) equipment and systems used by the user to access the platform; (iii) number of active sessions; with the aim of ensuring that the system is not being used for illicit purposes and to preserve platform integrity.
    3. If irregularities are observed in the activities of the user, Inflr may block access, as well as suspend the account or delete it permanently, according to its own criteria, whatever they may be.

    1. Inflr may share your information with any trading partners, for the purpose of checking the authenticity and accuracy of data, as mentioned in item 2 mentioned above. By accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policies, the user authorises such sharing without restriction.
    2. In the event that it is legally compelled to supply personal data and information regarding the user, including activities and interactions within the platform, Inflr shall do so promptly so as to respect the legal system in force and remain compliant with national legislation.

    1. Inflr regards all user data as strictly confidential and shall only grant access to them to duly authorized persons.
    2. The use of data will always be according to this Privacy Policy, therefore Inflr hereby gives notice that it will focus its efforts on ensuring the integrity of its system and the protection of users’ data.
    3. Inflr stores encrypted user data and the user may request copies of data held in the system at any time. However, it should be noted that Inflr only holds information on record for as long as it is relevant to its operations, to meet the interests of the organization or to maintain the Privacy Policies.
    4. It should be noted that, despite best efforts to maintain security and data protection, any virtual platform is subject to attack and data leak, especially as a result of undue sharing of login and password details by users themselves. Thus, the user acknowledges that he or she is solely responsible for the security of his or her password and sharing it with third parties is hereby expressly prohibited. The user further agrees to notify Inflr regarding all and any unauthorized use of his or her account, including unauthorized third- party access or any suspicion of data leak.

    1. Privacy Policies shall be updated as often as necessary to meet and safeguard the interests of the organization and its users, with the aim of providing a safer environment. Thus, in order to keep the user updated, Inflr shall always show at the end of this document the date of the latest update and, if any amendments are made which are deemed fundamental and require new acceptance, the user shall be notified and asked to give the necessary authorizations.

    1. Arbitration Proceeding. Any Dispute arising out or in connection with these Terms, including any questions regarding its existence, validity or termination shall be referred to and finally resolved by binding arbitration in England in accordance with the Arbitration Rules of the The London Court of International Arbitration (“LCIA Rules”). The arbitration tribunal shall consist of one arbitrator to be appointed by LCIA. The language of the arbitration shall be English.
      1. The governing law of these Terms shall be the law of the Cayman Islands.